Khemarat Boonyapaluk


Code + Electronics = <3


Hi, welcome to my little place in the internet :). My name is Khemarat Boonyapaluk. The name is rather long, so I usually go by March, or KorlaMarch in online accounts. I am a student studying in Computer Science Sc.B. and Engineering A.B. at Brown University with particular interests computer system, low-level software, and hardware design.

What am I doing right now!

  • Head Teaching Assistant - CSCI 1380 Distributed Computer System
  • Teaching Assistant - ENGN 1640 Design of Computing System
  • Head Sunlab Consultant
  • Trying out Rust for the first time in computer network project!
  • Many cs classes ._.


  • 9/24: Had a great time at CppCon 2023!
  • 6/23: Officially started working at Hudson River Trading
  • 1/22: Starting a new semester as HTA for CS1380 and TA for ENGN1640, this is going to be so much fun
  • 11/21: I will be working at Hudson River Trading as a core developer starting in June 2022. Come by and visit me in NYC!
  • 9/21: I'm working as the new Head Sunlab Consultant, taking over from Brian and Ian
  • 5/21: Starting my internship as an firmware engineer intern at Microsoft Surface Duo team
Last Updated: February 12, 2024